because we believe that you find Art; Art doesn’t find you.

when I see a fabric, I start thinking about where to place my beads and where to put my rhinestones

this has become so constant that even when I go off to sleep, I get up in-between and start writing about where to place my baguettes, my crystals and stones tomorrow

even when I eat, I pick up my phone in-between and start penning down about the new design that has just come into my mind to see how I can create a silhouette that my body wants to hug to, and start thinking about the colours and embellishment

when I go out to shop, I touch and feel the fabric, think about the block that i want for my next collection, and make a pattern out of it

when I come back to my atelier, I grab 10 fabrics, sketch for them as if it’s my last day on earth and put everything together to make a collection of my heart

like they say, when you put your head and heart to something, you make Love

Luxedorf, I feel, is that Love, those girls need more of! When we started making Luxedorf we were amazed at ourselves. We weren’t able to stop at any single color or any single bead story. We wanted to incorporate everything which is beautiful and artistic. 

Give me my sequin and beads and I will show you what stars are made of, give me a piece of cloth and I will show you what dreams are made of!

Luxedorf is just the dream or the realization of it – being you, swathing you in your most glorifying form